Spiritual Development circle

spirit circle

For eons wisdom and learning has been passed generation to generation in circles, some around camp fires, others in quiet circles expounding on the wisdoms of the universe and still others in classrooms as old as time.  This is how we really learn, by sharing thoughts and philosophies, by stretching ourselves and  listening and teaching, by being both the student and the teacher.

I have for some time felt that there was a need for spiritual development circles, a place where the spiritual nature of the individual and life itself was explored, debated and enhanced. Haven’t been able to find any, and after years of searching decided this was something I could provide not only for myself but for others as well … so here’s how it works…

On the Monday of each week there is a class I will send out the material we will be talking about, you’ll have a chance to read it, ponder it and be ready to talk about it on the day of the circle.

Though I will organize it, provide the space for us to gather, and gather the material (I’m gathering from lots of sources and experts, not writing the material myself), it is a circle and everyone will have an open mike to share and question. We are all teachers and students so there is no leader and we will share and learn from one another.

This is not a class to learn or develop psychic or mediumship skills. It is a place to understand the spiritual aspects that are always around us and the flow of cosmic energy that we are always able to touch into and use, the way the spirit within us manifests within our reality and the manner in which we interact with others. The circles will be held on a private blog talk radio show, not open to the public,  but they will be archived and available to everyone after we are finished. I will email each of you the address the day of the class, you sign in on your computer 15 min before the show and call into the show from your phone. If anyone needs help in signing up for Blog Talk Radio contact me and I’ll walk you through it.

Leave spirit guides and guardian angles at the door, give them the night off, this is a time for us to use our brains and understand our part in the great cosmic dance we are all a part of … this is a time to learn how to touch into and connect to that amazing energy within, our higher consciousness’s.

We start on Thursday October 2 nd and meet every Thursday there after from 4 to 6 pm est.

I need you to send me –
your email – so I can mail you the material
your phone number – so I can open your mike during the circle.
Your screen name – so I know who you are

Cost – how could anyone charge for spiritual development – give me a break!!!

All archived shows are available at – Night-Light