0800InitiationIt is difficult to name the kind of reading that I do, some would call it psychic, others call it clairvoyant and still others channeled. Because I am also an ordained Interdenominational Minister, part of what I do is spirit communication and there are times when a spirit drops in to become part of the reading as well. The description that seems to fit the best is to call it a spiritual reading because that encompasses everything.

I do my readings using the deck that I created, the Cosmic deck of Initiation. This is a light energy deck and was designed with the philosophy that there are no negatives in life and that we have to search to find the positive within everything in order for our lives to have motion. This is a spiritually based deck that I designed and painted each Mandela that represent each card.

There are 52 cards in all, each being unique and address a different spiritual quality. My deck is not an ordinary tarot deck, as there is no Death or Hermit cards, no flaming Towers, and it is circular therefore presenting no reversals.

Readings can be done;
In Person
On the telephone
On Skype

Barbara is also available for;
House parties
Corporate events
Spirit Circles

Life Readings – These are channeled, spiritual , life readings based on your soul energies passage through this lifetime. They cover your purpose, the gifts that you bring into this lifetime and how you function within your reality. Often past lives are also touched upon. This reading differs from a yearly reading in that it is focuses upon your soul’s journey through time as opposed to your day-to-day journey through life. These readings give information that is of a deeper more spiritual nature; they are typed and mailed to the individual.

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