Who do I go to for readings?


Who do I go to for readings?

I often am asked this question and you would think that the answer would be simple …but it isn’t.  I have stood on my soap box more frequently than I care to enumerate the importance of researching a psychic before you pay good money and open yourself to the information a psychic, any psychic, will implant into your consciousness.  And, in this case I really take my own advice very seriously.  We need to look at their websites, demeanor, style and also very importantly are they a happy joyful individual.  All those things are necessary to get as full a picture of them as you can get because you want their information to come from a good place.  If you stop and think about it, it makes great sense …when information is channeled it can’t help from picking up something from the channel it is going through and you want that to be as good and clear as possible.  I would never go to someone for advice on relationships if they didn’t have good ones in their lives, or to someone about finances if they were struggling as much as me.  It really is a no brainer but often we do things without paying attention to the warning signs that are ever present and more likely than not in our faces as well.

In answer to the question above …it is really rare for me to get a reading.  Though almost everyone I know is a psychic in one way or another I don’t seek out answers usually but rather try to go within and figure things out myself.  But, on those rare occasions when I really need another’s perception these are the people I trust to be objective and accurate … not only that but I trust them to tell me if they are not in the right place to do a reading.  While there aren’t a lot of psychics on my list these are those that over time I have learned to trust and give me what I need to hear not what I want to hear.  If you don’t come to me these are those who read and have the same sort of training that I do.  They are spiritually orientated and people I would seek out in a time of confusion.  I have taken their bios from their websites and given you the links to those websites … they are very sincere and genuine individuals and worth the wait if you have to for a reading.

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