• Astrodienst horoscopes

    Astrodienst Astrology has long been an area of great interest to me.  This is a modality that requires literally decads of study and work.  This site is the one that most astrologers that I know go to for their charts.  The information and insight that they share is amazing and always leads me to new […]

  • Renee Richards

    Renee impresses me  greatly, she is original and unique and has both of her feet on the ground even though she is clearly blessed with gifts and talents that most of us would love to have.  Her humility enables her to reach further than most and she has an uncanny ability to draw the most […]

  • James Luse

      I have known and worked with James for many years now and am always impressed by his ability to touch into the energies of others and to bring them insightful understanding and confirmation.  Another “old School” trained psychic his sense of authenticity is profound.  He is an absolute master for past lives and often […]

  • Jen Young

      Jen is a very unique individual.  She is about as authentic as they get and is humble almost to a fault.  She has unusual aspects to her talents which I find amazing.  On top of being a great psychic, medium and channel she has the ability to draw fragrances through that can amaze you. […]