• nikkis-nature

    Nikki’s Nature

    Nikki’s Nature is a relaxing and rejuvenating health and healing space in Collinsville, CT offering holistic wellness and healing treatments and products. Handmade natural products currently include vegetable wax candles, soap and aromatherapy oil blends. Personalized healing and wellness services available include holistic physical therapy/pain management, Reiki, and hypnosis.

  • harry-and-hio-woodworking-llc

    Harry & Hio’s Woodworking LLC

    Harry & Hio’s Woodworking was named in honor of Skip’s grandfather (Harry) and his father (Hio). Harry was the owner of Wiley Manufacturing, a woodworking shop in Gardner, Mass that made baby furniture for Thayer Inc. until the late 1950’s. Skip’s dad and uncle Kenny both worked in the shop until they enlisted for military […]

  • virtual-pet-cemetary

    The Virtual Pet Cemetery

    You have most probably figured out that I am a pet person. When I found this site it really touched my heart and provides a way to honor and memorialize those creatures that enrich our lives and give us unconditional love. Below is a quote from their site. “The Virtual Pet Cemetery is the oldest […]

  • best-psychic-directory

    Best Psychic Directory

    I recently have been included in Bob Olsen’s ,The Best Psychic Directory. This is really a most interesting site. Psychics from around the world are listed along with testimonials about our work. Those who are included are investigated first. If you are looking for a psychic and don’t have any personal recommendations this is the […]