• barbara-sher

    Barbara Sher

    For those of you who are at a crossroads and want some good fundamental advice and direction, I have recently found Barbara Sher (not that she was lost, I just discovered her for myself). Barbara provides wonderful guidance in how to discover your inner passions and how to incorporate your passions into your work and […]

  • sharon-warner-pet-psychic

    Sharon Warner – Pet psychic

    Its no news to anyone who knows me that I am very much a cat lady. Recently I wanted to get deeper information into one of my cats and ws blessed to meet Sharon Warner. She is the real thing when it comes to pets and being able to tune into them. I don’t recommend […]

  • striking-poses-photography

    Striking Poses

    I recently had the honor of working with these very talented people. After years of hating the photos taken of me, I was at the point of never wanting someone to take my picture again. This experience changed my world completely. Their philosophy includes, “There are no bad photographs but there are bad photographers”. They […]

  • marianne-thompson-artist-extraordinaire

    Marianne Thompson Artist Extraordinaire

    Marianne Thompson is one of those very rare individuals who has been able to tap into the spiritual link we all have, allow it to freely flow through her, and manifest it in a creative art form. She utilizes many different modalities, but my favorite is her oils. She is able not only to create […]