• Transmutation Through Ascension: Soul of the Son

    For those of you whoo are on a spiritual journey this book is a must read.  Solaris puts it simply and in a manner that most of your questions about being on a spiritual path are clearly explained.  In my opinion one of the best handbooks out there. Transmutation through Ascension is Spiritualicing on the […]

  • Acquisence

    I loved this book and had the privilege of visiting this home after I read the book.  This is an amazing example of what it is really like to have a spirit connected to a residence.  The story is heart warming and heart breaking along with a story that has an ending you’ll never expect […]

  • A Course in Miracles

    A Course in Miracles begins… Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. As its title implies, the Course is arranged throughout as a teaching device. It consists of three books: Text, Workbook for Students, and Manual for Teachers. The order in which students choose to use the books, […]

  • Living With a Dead Man

    This is a most insightful and loving story told by a most amazing Lady. Sitting in an oncologist’s waiting room is one of life’s more sobering experiences. The first thing that hit her was that she was there, not as a doctor, but as a cancer patient’s wife. It didn’t matter that Marianne was a […]