Universal Energies

The third 11 represent the universal energies that are ever at work within the cosmos.  This completes the third level of the cards bringing the total to 33 the master number of completion.

Universal Love – You have transcended self and touched into universal love. You draw to the selflessness that is within all. The giving of the higher self in communion with the energies of the universe. You become a channel to the universal, moving away from a focus on self. Unconditional love. There is a greater oneness within than ever before.
Universal Healing – A healing within gives new wholeness to the self. You need only reach for a limitless well of energy. Healing brings release and new growth. There is a connection with nature as the healing within takes place. With healing you draw peace to your soul. You were created through a healing process, you heal as you evolve.
Universal Balance – Balance is within; all you need to do is manifest it. With balance cones greater understanding and awareness. To balance is to understand and love yourself. By achieving balance you open the door to the future and the light. Balance becomes the ability to give and receive in equal measure. Balance provides a new foundation for greater potential.
Universal Forgiveness – The forgiveness of self comes before the healing process is complete. Ty forgiving the self you move beyond ego and into the universal. Within forgiveness is peace and tranquility. To forgive is to let go. Forgiving means learning. Forgiveness is a gift of understanding you give yourself.
Universal Compassion – Letting go of the self, selflessness and an empathy for all that surrounds you. Universal understanding and acceptance on a nonjudgmental level. This quality opens and expands all other qualities and aspects of living. You are drawn into the realms of the unseen and higher levels of perception. Acceptance with love of individual destinies.
Universal Wisdom – Wisdom awaits your experience and application. Wisdom carries for you release and growth. Wisdom grows from experience and is different for every individual and every situation. Wisdom is not knowing, it is understanding. Wisdom is guiding you and opening you to the greater mysteries of the universe. Live your wisdom, breathe life into it.
Universal Abundance – Great abundance is yours, if you reach for it. Abundance is within; choose to acknowledge it. As you recognize the abundance around you, it will increase. This is a time to harvest the abundance within you. Abundance flows your way, be open to it. To be abundant is to experience the joy of creation.
Universal Harmony – Great inner harmony has been achieved; now manifest it. This inner harmony opens you to greater understanding of yourself. Harmony is a most personal quality and cannot be found in another; energies can blend but true harmony comes from within. Your personal harmony is sending out ripples of peace that will draw others to you. In inner harmony you are creating a new whole that is greater than the sum of all your parts. Your harmony is the joy of the spirit interweaving with universal love and healing.
Universal Freedom – You have the freedom to do or be whatever you want; you need only claim the right. The choices are limitless – reach for them. An inner healing has given you the freedom to manifest on a higher level. You have let go and will mow experience a great freedom within that will open many doors for you. Great growth and expansion. You have made a choice that has given you great freedom.
Universal Truth – You have found a new level of truth within yourself., so spend some time to allow it to touch into all aspects of your life. The truth rises to meet you; be open to it. Being truthful with yourself opens more than you know. Creation is the universal truth and it is rich within you. The truth is the doorway to the evolution you seek. The truth will lighten the spirit and draw you into greater awareness.
Universal Spirituality – You are more aware of the intensity of the spirit within. Spiritual concepts come to the fore of reality. Greater focus on the spiritual gives greater perception within reality. The spirit within seeks greater manifestation in reality. A new level of spirit comes into consciousness. The spirit opens the heart to a greater intensity.