Cosmic Laws

The second 11 cards represent the Cosmic laws that govern out souls journey through time.  This ends the second set of eleven cards bringing the total to 22.. These laws are ever at work within our realities. Often we are not cognoscente of the fact that they are a constant within our lives. It is only when we acknowledge them and are guided by them that they carry their full impact.

0815Law of Life – What goes around comes around; life returns to you what you put into it. Time is never wasted, for each moment is a lesson on some level. Life is necessary to manifest and practice that which we have gathered. There is always motion, evolution; even when you don’t feel it.. Life is a cycle with valleys’ and peaks – both are needed. You get exactly what you need to come into rapport with the law of life.

0816Law of continuity – Purpose and reason are connected to all that surrounds you. Continuity and balance. A thread of strength brings reason and understanding. Spiritual continuity provides us with a lifeline and with safety. Higher and lower selves merge; the understandings of two realities and two worlds blend. Connections are made, linkages are found and bridges are located within.

[/twocol_one]Law of Compensation – For everything that goes out an equal measure returns to you. The universe always gives a balanced measure; you cannot expect to receive unless you give, giving must always be of an unconditional nature or there is no return. The more universal the release, the more abundant the return. The more difficult it is to let go and move on the greater the potential you open for yourself. For every action there is a reaction. Loss becomes gain, if your perspective is appropriate.

0818Law of Attraction – We draw ourselves the reflections of what we give to others. The self must be invested in order for the gains to be made. What is needed is always drawn to us. We attract for growth and learning experience; We draw in to share of the soul and to expand ourselves. A card of seeking, of opening up to the needs of the soul and recognizing hat the answers are within.
0819Law of Frequency – Energies shift and balance is difficult; new levels are being established. Communication with others flows in new patterns. The intensity of your inner frequency is changing ; so, too, is your perception of several situations. New aspects within bring new levels of frequency with which to work. As you raise your energy level, you raise your frequency and take the next step in evolution. The new frequency on which you broadcast.



Law of Free Will – The reins of life have been taken in hand; full responsibility for direction and action are yours. You come into the realization of the power within and begin to open to the universe and the potential that is there. By exerting free will you acknowledge responsibility for all your actions and reactions. The seeds of creation are within this energy. By using this energy you come into inner power and find inner direction. You are always free to seek alternatives.


Law of Limitation -You need to focus on direction and loose ends. The only limitations are those you put upon yourself. By removing the limits of the conscious mind you open yourself to the potential of omniscience, the all-knowing perception of cosmic awareness. Limits are hurdles to grow over, not dead ends. What you have done and what is yet to come are limitless. It is up to you to remove limitations and to grow within the light

Law of Transmutation – You rise above mundane frustrations and aggravations and see what lessons are contained therein. You find strength within weakness and turn it to advantage. Through this energy you transform yourself. Faith is the fuel for this energy. Through transformation you use the light instead of just fueling it. This is a flowing process. One in which inner richness and depth are able to surface and become an expression of the soul.

Law of Cause and Effect – What you set in motion returns to you. You control the situations you encounter by what you empower. Everything is a cause and an effect; there is a continuum, a flow, and everything is linked. To grow is to cause the flow; the effect is the expansion. The cycle ever reaches for the light – the seed to the tree to the seed once more.

0824Law of Karma – The quality of energy that brings you into cosmic balance. Karma is the energy of balance, between individuals and between lifetimes. Karma is the balance within and the one outside. Manifesting energy gives you the balance and fuel to evolve. The tree of life and wisdom was grown from the seed of Karma. Whatever you set in motion must work itself out.

0825Golden Rule – The crown of evolution, that which crowns the soul. The guide to the spiritual pathway. This is cosmic balance and perfection reflected within you. Everything is perfect; you only need recognize that and you come into rhythm with creation. The energy is always present; your goal is to manifest it. Bringing this concept into your reality and living it draws you closer to the creation within yourself.