Chakras and Physical Reality

The first 11 cards represent the chakras and our physical reality. They symbolize the physical energies that are at work within our physical reality at all times. They go from the root to the initiation card.


Foundation Card
Foundation – Changes Within have brought a new foundation and direction in the environment. The creation of a new framework from which to grow. There has been a re-commitment to the evolution of the self. New beginnings. The birth of a new aspect within the self. There has been a new connection with the source, the feet are firmly planted and new awareness is available.

This card represents the root chakra. It symbolizes the foundation upon which life has been anchored and the depth of strength that supports us. In some ways it is our ability to survive the chaos of our own evolution. To me this card symbolizes the foundation (usually in a spiritual sense) the stability upon which we build and the inner strength that is there for us if we but reach for it.

Sower of seeds – Healing of the past opens the way for future abundance and harmony. Harvester of the past, sower of the future. Loose ends are being tied up so that action can be taken toward the future. Even when you feel that your actions are extreme, a pattern, an order and a system are operating. Every action has a reaction: consider the source and find understanding and resolution. Initiating motion.

This card represents the second chakra. To me it symbolizes birth, renewal and expansion. To opens us the the possibilities of a new future and new beginnings. This is usually my pregnancy card. I suggests that there is a welcoming for new endeavors and fresh starts. It doesn’t always mean a physical birth, it could also be the birth of a new idea or project that is about to manifest within reality.

Giver of Light – A constant flow of energy, which draws from countless realms the seeds of wisdom required for evolution and enlightenment. There is no wisdom without an ongoing healing of spirit. The light that illuminates our connection with the infinite. The light-bearer dispelling the shadows. Wisdom and understanding put you in touch with yourself. The star of light waiting to shine in your life.

This card represents the third chakra.. This is the card that speaks to wisdom and understanding for me. It symbolizes back to the books on many levels and embraces wisdom and learning on many levels.

Healer within – To heal is to begin with yourself and to allow creation to flow. Balance and healing are at work within; Manifestation is at hand. To heal – to be healed – the power and process are within; you need only claim it. Healing is the growth process wherein you balance and expand your reality. Balance has been found and healing is taking place; a lesson is released. To heal is to let go and to grow beyond the limitations you set for yourself.

This card represents the fourth chakra and deals with the process of healing of the mind body and spirit within this physical reality. It deals more with the physical that the other levels for they are addressed with the universal energies. This card focuses upon the mundane reality and the areas that of a physical nature. Healing and learning go hand in hand so those aspects as well are addressed with this card. Learning and growing often produce growing pains which in this case are good because they let us know we are breaking out of old patterns and molds and expanding our realities.

Free Spirit – Creativity blooms within; new levels of expression are sought for greater richness of reality. To hold within is to deny the light you carry – to share opens you to the abundance of the universe and the gifts you have carried through time. Spoken expression finds receptive outlets. Creation is rich within and new channels of expression are sought. The physical expression of work done internally – the manifestation if the evolution of the spirit. Self-worth expands and intensifies self-expression.

This card represents the fifth chakra. For me this is the card of creativity, of self expression. This is the card that suggests that more channels of creative energy are needed for the spiritual energy to flow through and manifest within reality. This is creation on all levels within all aspects of reality. Not just drawing and painting or writing, but speaking and singing and gardening. However a person gets pleasure from the creative sources within is covered by this card. It is more than just creative energy that this card represents …It is the spirit that guides that energy and gently nudges us to open the doors and channels to what the universe has to share.

Inner Vision – Inner trust is greater, and intuition becomes more developed. Insight into yourself gives you greater awareness of people and present situations. Be still – be quiet – and know. A flow of spiritual energy focuses on an understanding beyond reason. The higher self becomes manifest and greater insight is gained. Intuition becomes reality.

This card represents the sixth chakra – The focus is on the third eye and the insight that flows through that area of your being. This is the intuition, trusting your gut and the hints that the universe often sends us. This is the energy that we draw on to open the doors that are within. The intuition triggers awareness of the unknown and the possible new directions that are open to us. This card symbolizes another aspect of awareness that many do not recognize or use. It is a tool we all carry within, yet not everyone recognizes it or reaches for it as frequently as they might. This is a tool of awareness carried within awaiting the call of reality.

Crown – A transition level has been achieved. An opening leads into greater realms of awareness. Balance of all energies work in unison. The crown of thorns becomes the laurel of salvation. A new flow of tranquility and peace has been achieved within – soon to manifest in the physical. The achievement of awareness calls for action.

This card represents the seventh chakra – This card symbolizes the opening of the portal to the other dimensions that ate available to those who choose to reach beyond the physical reality. This is the doorway to other dimensions and spiritual aspects that have always been available to us and have always been at work around us, we just didn’t always realize they were there. This card suggests that the individual is moving beyond the physical reality and into the spiritual realms that ever call to us.

Evolution – you stretch for the potential that rests within. The spirit and creative energies provide for opening to needed movement and direction. Changes relating to inner growth. Though movement may not be seen, it is felt. Structures and molds are broken as evolution changes the life path. You follow your inner direction with faith and determination.

This card suggests that change and growth are at hand. You evolve into greater understanding and wisdom and expand your embrace of all of reality. This is a very exciting card for it symbolizes growth of a spiritual nature as the spirit begins to manifest within reality to a greater degree and the spirits pathway becomes more in harmony with the physical reality.

Commitment – There is a rededication to the self and the evolution of the spirit. A conscious promise to the self has been made; a stand has been taken. Determination to reach forward and to grow toward potential. Recognition has been made of the need to focus on self and to commit to new directions. Healing is finally acknowledged so that the journey toward growth can be resumed. New faith in the self renews inner promises.

This card also means there is greater commitment to the tasks at hand. It can also suggest that there are relationships that could lead to a committed standing. This card speaks to the ability of sharing oneself and ones life with another. It need not always be a personal commitment, it could be one to a cause or a belief system. The depth of the commitment is in direct proportion to the intent of the individual and the spiritual concepts that are carried within. To some it is far more serious a concept than others.

Laughter – The strongest healing tool available. This energy lightens and enlightens the individual. Laughter is the channel through which healing and release are found. Lighten up and expand awareness. Bring laughter into all aspects of your reality. Laughter is the source of a solution.

Without the presence of laughter in a person’s life the light of the universe cannot shine. Laughter is a tool for learning and for healing. Growth and evolution.. When laughter is not present all other aspects of reality dim. When laughter is present, the light of the infinite touches everything and the songs of the universe harmonize with our own.

Initiation – Rebirth in spirit. A threshold has been crossed; the light within brighten . Transformation of the spirit-self, the rites of passage for the soul. A conscious choice has been made, a testing period ended. New purpose within life and reality. The light dawns and shadows are scattered.