Cosmic Deck of Initiation – Card Spreads

Two different spreads are given for The Cosmic Deck of Initiation along with the explanation of the different astrological houses and how to apply them to the cards.

The Astrological House Spread for The Cosmic Deck of Initiation

This layout is interpreted according to the astrological house system and is a good one to use if you are looking for fast short answers. To expand the insights just add additional cards to whatever house or ray you are looking at. The first card is laid out in the eight o’clock position and corresponds to the first house. The rest of the cords follow counter clockwise and represent the rest of the houses. A final thirteenth card is placed in the center and this represents the primary focus of the individual at the time of the reading or question.

House attributes

I am giving you some brief definitions as to the meaning of the different houses. I invite you to become further educated into the meaning of the different houses and in so doing add to the insight that you can bring to the cards.

House 1 – How you see yourself. Physical appearance. The impact you make on others. How your personality is projected into the world. Early life periods. Focus on the Head. The personality. The self. How you present yourself to the world. Attitudes about yourself. Father’s mother.

House 2 – Your physical possessions. Money-making potential. Material resources. Your sense of value and self worth. Focus on the throat. Financial Matters. Monetary values. Possessions. Your ability to make and handle money.

House 3 – Communication. The lower mind, the concrete mind. Short distance travel. The local environment. Neighbors and acquaintances. Relationships with siblings. Focus on arms, hands, shoulders, lungs. Travel. .First sibling.. Intelligence. Communication. Short journeys. Lower education. Writing ability.

House 4 – The home. The internal foundations. Security needs. The nurturing parent. The end of the matter. Focus on the breast. Home life. Mother. Foundations or roots. Your home. Real estate. Life directions. Parents father.

House 5 – Children, whether of the body or of the mind. Romantic interests. Pleasures and entertainment. The power of your self-expression. Focus on heart, back, spine. Romance. Lovers. Second sibling. Your love life. First child. Creativity. Art, music, etc.. House of gambling. Sports.

House 6 – Work. Service to others. Physical health. Work environment. Relationships with coworkers. Small animals. Focus on stomach, intestines. Health and work. Aunts, uncles and cousins. Your health. Emotions. Work. Service. Responsibilities. People you work with..

House 7 – One-to-one relationships of a committees mature, whether personal or business. What you learn from others. What you may need to incorporate more in your life. Focus on Hip, Urinary area. Marriage and partnerships. Third sibling. Your house of partners. Partners or associates in business. Dealing with the public. Open enemies. Mothers Mother. Second child.

House 8 – Intense emotions. Sex and passion. Other peoples resources. Psychic experiences. Things deep within. Focus on the reproductive area. Future security. Sexuality. Psychic abilities. Insurance. Taxes. Inheritance. Stocks and bonds etc. Other peoples money.

House 9 – The higher mind. Higher education. Philosophy and religious beliefs. Spiritual concerns. Long-distance travel. Large animals. Focus on the thighs. Spirituality and Journeys. In-laws. 4th sibling. Higher mind. Philosophy. Religion. Long Journey’s. 3rd child. Foreign countries and people.

House 10 – Public image. Career. Parent who connected you with the outer world. A sense of the future. Focus on the knees. Profession and ambitions. Father. The boss. Professional status. Business. Your main occupation. Partners mother.

House 11 – Hopes and wishes. Friends, goals, aspirations. Group situations. A sense of the future. Focus on the lower legs ankles. Friendships. Ability to socialize and work with groups. Humanitarian forces. 4th child. 5th sibling

House 12 – The unconscious. Hidden aspects. Things operating behind the scenes. Dreams. Innate talents. Mental health. Liable restriction. Focus on the feet. Karma. The hidden self. Hidden enemies. Hospitals. Jails. Institutions.


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