The Astrological signs

The next 12 represent the astrological signs. These cards are meant to depict the energy of the sign and not individuals.

Aries – You are being drawn into a new phase of development. The focus is on individuality. Be yourself; Know who you are. A first step has been taken. Greater focus on the self; grounding. New beginnings , new aspects coming forward.
Taurus – energy of growth, nurturing and support. Integration. Energy with direction. Allow the structure to take its own shape. The unfolding of energy expands. A new structure is established.
Gemini – A balance within duality. Higher/lower, male/female and interwoven to create a power that is new and most exciting. Intense integration of all aspects. Dualities offer options not previously considered. Dualities feed growth. Life is seen from new perspectives.
Cancer – the home within, the resting place of spirit. The earth mother, our point of contact with the material realm. This energy nurtures the soul and generates the flowering of the energies of this life. You awake to the real world. This energy heals and comforts. Work done within awaits expression.
Leo – Greater assertiveness of self. Energy of creative growth. You shine Within the light. You recenter and refocus on the self. Expression takes on greater creativity and authority. Your power seeks forceful outlets.
Virgo – Aspects within are ordered and balanced. Order and structure provide channels for future works. Balance between spirit and intellect. Perfection has been found within; now manifest it. While focus on details is important, keep in thought the overall picture. Service is called forth and asks for concentrated effort.
Libra – Balance between the cosmic and the physical. A weighing process is ongoing. Justice is brought to you from within. Harmony awaits you. The heart center begins to manifest on a higher level. A connection with someone can have wide-ranging impact.
Scorpio – Dualism; the rising phoenix energies; feet planted firmly and the spirit soaring. You are ready to allow some issues to pass on. You renew by letting go. Energy flashes and spurts. Look at present situations from a new viewpoint. Time is ripe to weed the garden and eliminate things that are no longer productive to your growth.
Sagittarius – The wandering philosopher within. Freedom and bursts of creative energy. This energy is full of excitement, truth, faith and believing. A significant phase is about to begin. This energy asks for movement and seeks greater breadth of expression. New awareness offers greater understanding of your life’s opportunities.
Capricorn – The direction finder, the worker. This energy draws from logic and reason. A need for wisdom that can be seen, felt and comprehended. Focused, dedicated energy. Spirit in action. New structures in your life call for renewed effort and clarity of purpose.
Aquarius – New beginnings; a rebirth of the spirit within. All pieces are being brought together to create a new weave in your life. A breaking out and a celebration of growth. A connection of the life force within all things. New associations can seed your consciousness with future plans. Some of your dreams are likely to materialize through another person.
Pisces – Coming full circle; returning to the source. The drawing together of all the wonders within. A collection and depth of all that has gone before. Finalization and rebirth. A well that runs deep. Understanding comes through faith and intuition, and it calls for involvement.