Night-Light Radio Show


Welcome to the Night-Light radio show, a forum for spiritual enlightenment, cosmic understanding and insight into those etheric realms that ever surround us. I will be sharing with you spiritual information and philosophies that you can use to enlighten your lives and open you the creative sources you carry within.

This allows me to reach out to greater numbers of you and I welcome your calls and questions and will also provide free short readings on the show. I plan on covering everything from the mundane to the magical sharing my gifts with you with laughter and love. I hope you find the inner lights that will guide you along your spiritual pathways.


Welcome to Night-Light’s new home, Revolution radio at This new venue is more user friendly than Blog talk and reaches a larger audience. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of joining a new family. We’ll be on Monday nights from 10 – 12 pm est. All of the Blog talk archives will remain available for those of you who want to go back and listen to the older shows, you can find them on the blog talk radio bar on this page. Freedomslips archives can be listened to on the Night-Light radio show Freedomslips bar on this page as well.

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Listen to Revolution Radio at on TuneIn

If you would like to install the app on your smartphone for easy listening, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Step one – go to your app store and search for TuneIn
  2. Step Two – Download and open
  3. Step Three – Search for Revolution Radio Studio B