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OOPARTS - Evidence of Civilization Before the Accepted Creation Time-line

October 15th, 2015

Science, at this time, puts the emergence of Homo Sapiens (that’s us) to about 200,000 years ago[...]


October 14th, 2015

  Affirmations have long been a tool used to create changes in the patterns that are a p[...]

Secrets of the Stones


Scattered throughout the woods and fields of New England lie the remains of an ancient civilization. These remnants are enigmatic stone structures that predate European settlement.

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Myth or Reality

giants-moundRead about some notable examples worldwide as we explore the history of giants through historical writings and evidence.

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best-psychic-directorySeveral years ago someone I loved very much described me as a “Free Spirit”. I’m actually very comfortable with that description, it allows me to be different, eclectic, unusual and sometimes even strange and still fall within the normal parameters acceptable to today’s society. I have found, through many years of experience that the Universe has a plan for all of us, and that life is much easier if we choose to flow with that plan as it presents itself to us in everyday life. Never having been one to flow easily with the “unseen”, I have been dragged kicking and yes, sometimes even screaming, along my pathway that, they tell me, I had a part in creating.If you had told me in the late 1980’s that I would be an internationally known psychic, Spiritual Empath, lecturer, artist, and ordained Minister I would have referred you to the closest shrink and offered to give you car fare. Edgar Cayce has often been referred to as “The Sleeping Prophet” and, though not in the same league by any stretch of the imagination, I guess you could call me the reluctant psychic. You can also find Barbara on Bob Olson’s Directory of Psychics and Mediums, based on location, by clicking following link;